Plan. Track. Report

Our systems are branded under Taith360 and Turas360

Complete planning, assessment and reporting tools that allow you to plan which skills to teach your pupils, and track their progress towards embedding those skills.

Those assessments are used to identify next steps and generate progress reports, while the overview pages include additional data to show a 360 degree view of each pupil and class.

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Plan. Track. Report


A flexible planning tool that allows you to create, edit and share plans that suit your school’s setting and planning requirements.

Taith360 and Turas360 planning and assessment tool
  • Export plans to customised planning documents for further editing and sharing

  • Create plans of any size – from a half-term cross-curricula topic to an individual handwriting lesson – using the whole curriculum

  • Create and share plans for classes and sets

  • Review plans

  • Include statements from across the curriculum, including cross-curricular skills frameworks

  • Track attainment and progress from plans – allowing tracking on a filtered view that only shows what has been planned for

  • Plan collaboratively to share plans for a single class or across a cohort

  • Edit plans at any time to reflect what is covered in the classroom

Plan. Track. Report


Make judgements for each pupil across all areas of the curriculum to build a picture of every child’s learning journey from their very first day at school and use this to assist with monitoring of progress, coverage, and next steps.

Taith360 planning and assessment tool
  • Track attainment in all areas and cross-curricula frameworks of the curriculum

  • Ensure breadth and depth by using the different stages of learning to show smaller steps of progress

  • Flexibility of use allows users to Track attainment for multiple pupils at once

  • Upload your own bespoke framework alongside the curriculum

  • Monitor curriculum coverage by class, year group and key stage

  • Analyse progress using a range of metrics

  • Capture each learner’s journey as it is tracked throughout their time in school

  • Record non-linear progression with the freedom to move judgements up or down through the stages of learning

  • Formatively assess pupils’ learning through on-going evaluation and reflection using a variety of influencing factors

  • Add evidence and notes for a single pupil and for groups of pupils

  • Ability to add test scores and view alongside progress information

Plan. Track. Report


Collate, analyse, report and monitor not just academic achievement, but also the key experiences, feelings, and attitudes of learners.

Taith360 planning and assessment tool
  • Pupil on a page – including attainment, progress, attendance, wellbeing, attitude to learning, and pupil input
    View all class information in one place

  • At a glance data for the whole school including assessments, contextual groups and attendance

  • Analyse pupils’ progress between specific dates

  • Easily identify areas for further improvement

  • Ensure pupil voice is recognised by adding to the system

  • View detailed reports for coverage, progress, and usage across the school

  • Customise your report templates

  • Monitor wellbeing, attitude to learning and attendance data within the system to build a complete picture of each child’s learning journey

  • Analyse data for the whole school using customisable exports

  • View progress for each pupil, class, cohort, and for the whole school

  • Next steps for each pupil filtered by curriculum area

  • Compare coverage to progress

  • Map coverage across the whole curriculum at school, cohort, class, and individual levels

  • Produce end of year, mid year, and target reports

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Assessment at the heart of learning

At Assessment360, we value the importance of reducing teachers non-teaching workload and are committed to providing our schools with the tools and support to do that. Through collaboration with schools and Local Authorities in the UK, we have a history of designing ground breaking systems that offer a complete planning, tracking and reporting tool, enabling you to track a child’s learning across the full curriculum.

To discuss setting up Taith360 or Turas360 for your school, please contact us on 0330 8281 360 or send an email to

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