Coming Soon

New features coming soon

We are constantly trying to find new ways to improve our system. Some of the changes coming soon are:

Improved filtering on Pupil Overview

Use the advanced filtering options to pinpoint key information to help drive and monitor progression for your pupils.

PDF output improvements

Narrow the scope of your PDF outputs by selecting the areas, steps, and assessment stages that matter to your pupils.

New in-depth analysis on Class Overview

View information for your whole class in specific curriculum Areas

January 2024

Reporting to parents refresh

We have implemented several changes to make it even easier for you to use Taith360 to help with generating reports to share with parents and carers.

  • Build a bank of comments within Taith360 to include on reports to parents throughout the year

  • Record comments for ATL, wellbeing, and in the new “Teacher Observations” section

  • Specify which comments to include or exclude from reports to parents and PDFs generated on Taith360

  • Control the scope of reports to parents by setting date ranges from which to draw statements, targets, and comments, allowing for termly progress reports

  • New options for your report templates, including reporting on individual statements of what matter within an area

November 2023

Subject specific ATL

Record attitude to learning for a pupil across curriculum areas

  • Record area specific ATL for any pupil

Subject specific ATL

September 2023

PDF outputs

Export information from the system to PDF to then share with pupils and parents.

  • Export information from the Pupil, Class, and School Overview pages to PDF

  • Generate individual reports or for whole groups

  • Customise the content of each PDF report, choosing which sections to include

PDF outputs

Customisable frameworks

Tailor Taith360 to match your school’s curriculum.

  • Amend any of the existing areas

  • Upload your own bespoke areas, statements of what matter, and descriptions of learning

Customisable frameworks

Stage charts

Tracking summaries for individual pupils, groups, and cohorts.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses amongst the areas at a glance with our new stage chart view which details how many statements are at each stage of learning

Stage charts

April 2023

Whole school coverage

Be able to check coverage at Area level across the entire school as well as individual year groups.

  • Track coverage for your whole school by area and WM

  • View summaries of four purposes coverage for the whole school

Taith360 planning and assessment tool

March 2023

Test scores

Track progress through Routes for Learning for learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD)

  • Track PMLD students alongside their peers

  • View tracking data alongside additional contextual data

  • Flexible 4 stage tracking of each step and milestone

Turas360 planning and assessment tool

Custom Principles of Progression (PoPs) and PoP coverage

Break the PoPs down to show what they look like in practice. Check how the PoPs are being covered across the school.

  • Define for teaching staff how PoPs look for your school

  • Keep on top of how the PoPs are being implemented across the school

Taith360 planning and assessment tool

Rate any page and provide comments or suggestions send directly from inside the system.

Break the PoPs down to show what they look like in practice. Check how the PoPs are being covered across the school.

  • Quick and easy to add

  • All comments and suggestions are acted on