Our systems have been designed to allow for varying levels of customisation. We know that every school is unique, and that there is no one-size fits all solution to curriculum management.

Each of our systems offer a great deal of flexibility in what you plan for and track against. Bespoke framework options allow you to load the system with what matters to your school. All your topics, every skill that is important in your setting, and the various aspects of the curriculum arranged as you wish.

Bespoke frameworks

Bespoke frameworks created by your school can be uploaded to replace, compliment, or supplement the default frameworks drawn from government guidance. Additional sub-steps can also be added in to any framework installed on the system.

Customised frameworks ensure that you can plan, track, and monitor progress for the specific topics and skills taught in your school.

To learn more about adding your own frameworks to the system, please contact support.

Customisable templates

Schools are able to supply their own planning and reporting to parents templates as MS Word files to replace the default outputs and school logos can be added to show on any pdf outputs.

Customisations are submitted by schools and applied by the support team at Assessment360.

If you would like to amend any of your exportable templates, please contact support.