Tracking attainment

Taith360 planning and assessment tool

Explore how to track the attainment of individuals and groups of pupils against the Descriptions of Learning, using learning stages – Emerging / Developing / Secure / Embedded.

Support tracking by adding notes and evidence.


Taith360 planning and assessment tool

Learn about creating, editing and sharing medium term plans to ensure curriculum coverage throughout the year.

Discover how to track specific attainment based on a selected plan.

Viewing data

Taith360 planning and assessment tool

View progress information and other key metrics in terms of pupils, classes and cohorts in detail.

Learn how to use the system to identify key barriers to learning and areas where pupils may need further support, in order to make the most from their learning journey in your school.


Each online session costs £150 (+ VAT). This is the price for the school, regardless of whether you have 2 staff or 22 staff joining the session.

Admin User Training

This 30 minute free training session is aimed at school administrators and looks at the general maintenance of the system, including:


Taith360 planning and assessment tool

Although Wonde handles the majority of pupil administration in your school, there are some tasks that require manual input, including transferring pupils from another school into your school, with or without the attainments previously recorded.


Taith360 planning and assessment tool

Teacher details maintained on your MIS (SIMS, Teacher Centre etc.) will sync with Taith360 automatically via Wonde.

Learn how to send invitations to new members of staff as well as additional management required if not using Wonde.

Classes, Sets and Groups

Taith360 planning and assessment tool

Pupil classes and contextual groups will be automatically populated from your MIS through Wonde, but you may wish to set up additional groups or sets from time to time.

Discover how to manually set up and manage additional groups on Taith360.


This is a free 30 minute online training session.


Additional training courses

Take a look over our additional training courses available

Assessment360 Modular Training

Modular training

We have developed different module sessions to look at specific aspects of Taith360 in more detail.

Training Assessment360

Bespoke training

Our bespoke training option has been designed to ensure that the training needs of all schools can be met. Create your school’s personalised training package by selecting either three or five units from our ever growing list of options.

Get in Touch

Assessment at the heart of learning

At Assessment360, we value the importance of reducing teachers’ non-teaching workload and are committed to providing our schools with the tools and support to do that. Through collaboration with schools and Local Authorities in the UK, we have a history of designing ground breaking systems that offer complete planning, tracking and reporting tools, enabling you to track a child’s learning across the full curriculum.

To discuss setting up our specialist tools Taith360 (Wales) or Turas360 (Scotland) for your school, please contact us on 0330 8281 360 or send an email to

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