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Create plans that bring together elements from across all six areas of the curriculum as well as the cross-curricula skills frameworks.



Make judgements for each pupil in all areas and across all progression steps to build a picture of each child’s learning journey from their very first day at school to when they leave at 16.



Monitor coverage and progress across the five progression steps to help identify next steps for individual pupils and whole cohorts.

Curriculum for Wales


Taith360 offers a flexible planning tool that allows you to create, edit and share plans that suit your school’s setting and planning requirements.

Taith360 planning and assessment tool
  • Include descriptions of learning from across all six areas of the curriculum

  • Plan against the LNF and DCF cross-curricular skills

  • Include the four purposes in your plans

  • Create plans of any size – from a half-term cross-curricula topic to an individual handwriting lesson – using descriptions of learning from the whole curriculum

  • Export plans to customised planning documents for further editing and sharing

  • Create and share plans for classes and sets

  • Assess from your plans – allows you to assess on a filtered assessment grid that only shows what you have planned for

  • Plan collaboratively to share plans for a single class or across a cohort

Curriculum for Wales


Assessment for learning is at the heart of what we do. Taith360 offers a clear view of each pupil’s ability on an individual and class level.

Taith360 planning and assessment tool
  • Make assessments in all six areas and the cross-curricula skills in the LNF and DCF

  • Each learner’s journey is tracked from progression steps one through five, tracking their progress from nursery to year 11

  • Four stages of assessment for each description of learning to allow you to track each learner’s progress over multiple years within a single step

  • Assess multiple pupils in a description of learning at once

  • Quickly assess multiple descriptions for a single pupil

  • Add evidence and notes to assessments for a single pupil

  • Add assessment notes and evidence for groups of pupils

  • Record non-linear progression with the freedom to move your judgements up or down through the assessment stages.

  • Upload your own bespoke assessment framework alongside the descriptions of learning laid out in the Curriculum​

Curriculum for Wales


Taith360 has been designed to help ease the transition to Curriculum 2022 and assist with monitoring of progress, coverage, and next steps.

Taith360 planning and assessment tool
  • Analyse data for the whole school using customisable exports

  • Map coverage across the whole curriculum at school, cohort, class, and individual levels

  • View progress for each pupil, class, cohort, and for the whole school

  • Compare coverage to progress

  • View detailed reports for coverage, progress, and usage across the school

  • Monitor wellbeing, attitude to learning and attendance data within the system to build a complete picture of each child’s learning journey

Curriculum for Wales


The new Welsh curriculum is very much centred around the whole pupil. Taith360 allows you to record and monitor not just academic achievement, but also the key experiences, feelings, and attitudes of your learners.

Taith360 planning and assessment tool
  • Pupil on a page – including assessments, attendance, wellbeing, attitude to learning, and pupil input

  • Next steps for each pupil filtered by area and progression step

  • Add test scores to the Pupil View page

  • At a glance data for the whole school including assessments, contextual groups and attendance (if using Wonde to connect to your MIS)

Curriculum for Wales


One of the biggest steps forward in Taith360 is that it can link directly to your school’s MIS, making manual updates a thing of the past.

Taith360 planning and assessment tool
  • Pupil, staff, class, and attendance data pulled across from MIS automatically using Wonde

  • Relay messages to staff using the customisable info banner

  • Reports to Parents

  • Customise your report templates

  • Progression through the descriptions of learning exported from the system for each pupil

  • Get a head start on report writing

  • Pupil voice