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We are working with schools to connect every teacher to the things that each child knows, understands, and can do. Formative assessment is the most powerful tool a teacher can use to help every child reach their potential. At Assessment360 we provide systems to enable teachers to apply this tool to maximum effect.

The Scottish and Welsh curriculums have taken steps towards prioritising formative assessment and putting the pupil at the centre of their learning. Through collaboration with schools in the UK, we have designed a system that offers complete planning and assessment that can help track a child’s learning and experiences across the full curriculum from age 3-16.

Assessment360 About Us

About us

What we do

Tracking and Planning Systems

Our innovative online tools are developed in collaboration with the schools and local authorities which use them to ensure they provide the best possible support for teachers. Using our online tools teachers can plan their lessons, track their pupils progress through the curriculum and report on this progress alongside other contextual data about the pupil.


The level of support provided by our support team is second to none and it is something we really pride ourselves on. Our dedicated UK based team are on hand to help with any type of query, from getting set up on the system, to keeping up to date with current educational news, and everything in between.


We have developed a package of well received training options to meet all of your training needs, whatever they may be. You can choose from General System, Modular or Admin User Training. More information can be found on our training page.

Bespoke Development Projects

We have significant experience working with Authorities, Government Agencies and Multi-Academy trusts to develop online tools and assessment frameworks. We can manage the project from start to finish or work with a wider project team.

About us


More than twenty years ago, a headteacher had an idea for an online assessment system that would reduce teachers non-teaching workload. He teamed up with a tech expert to create that system and Incerts was born.

The Incerts system soon caught the eye of a primary headteacher in Wales and it spread rapidly throughout Wales from that point.

In 2016 Incerts was renamed to The Assessment Foundation to better reflect the work the company did outside of developing and supporting the Incerts system such as designing and developing frameworks and tools for Welsh Government, NFER and Multi-Academy trusts.

In 2020 The Assessment Foundation started developing a 360° suite of assessment systems so decided to go for another name change to reflect this and in 2022 became Assessment360.

Assessment360 About Us

About us

Meet the team behind Assessment360

We have a great team of experts here at Assessment 360. Take a look through to get to know them.

MartinChief Executive Officer
Martin has been involved with Assessment360 since it’s inception. He has a background in software development and has over 25 years experience running a successful custom software development company. Martin became Chief Executive Officer at Assessment360 in 2021.
SallyChief Operating Officer
Sally had over 15 years experience in technical support and spent some time in school administration before joining the support team at Assessment360 in 2017. She went on to become the product manager for Taith360 before taking over as the Chief Operating Officer in 2021.
Adam Support Manager
Adam has been at Assessment360 for over 10 years. During that time, he has been a part of the support team but has also managed ‘The Incerts Network’. Throughout his time with the support team, Adam progressed to become Team Leader before taking on his current role of Support Manager in 2021.
DanSupport Professional
Dan has been part of the Assessment360 Support Team since 2015. Prior to this he was a teacher with experience in both primary and secondary settings. He also spent three years as a business analyst, finding software solutions to streamline business processes.
HarrySupport Professional
Before joining the Assessment360 Support Team in 2021, Harry had accumulated almost a decade of teaching experience, working with learners from ages three to eighteen in a variety of settings both in the UK and overseas.
HamishCloud Systems Manager
Prior to joining the Assessment360 team in 2016 as a Data Manager, Hamish had 6 years experience in technical support and software maintenance. In 2018 his role expanded to Cloud Systems Manager where he now provides technical solutions through the company and technical support for the Support Team.
SalehaFinance Officer
Saleha joined Assessment360 in 2019 as a Finance Officer. She has over 10 year’s experience working in finance and credit control, mainly in the financial industry including a major bank.

About us

Come work for us!

Currently we don’t have any open positions but if you are interested in a career with Assessment360 please send your CV​ to us at applications@assessment360.org for future consideration.

We will certainly keep you in mind and contact you if a job becomes available that matches your skills and experience.

Get in touch

Assessment at the heart of learning

At Assessment360, we value the importance of reducing teachers’ non-teaching workload and are committed to providing our schools with the tools and support to do that. Through collaboration with schools and Local Authorities in the UK, we have a history of designing ground breaking systems that offer complete planning, tracking and reporting tools, enabling you to track a child’s learning across the full curriculum.

To discuss setting up our specialist tools Taith360 (Wales) or Turas360 (Scotland) for your school, please contact us on 0330 8281 360 or send an email to support@assessment360.org.

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