After listening and taking on board the views of school leaders and teachers, I’m pleased to announce that we have added the Principles of Progression to Taith360!

As stated on HwB:

“While descriptions of learning articulate how learners should make progress in learning around specific statements of what matters, the principles of progression articulate the broader principles of what progression means in the Area as a whole. As such, schools and practitioners must use these principles to inform all learning in supporting progression.” (

​The principles of progression obviously differ to the descriptions of learning in their purpose, however, both play an important role:

“Progression is reflected in the statements of what matters, the descriptions of learning for each of these statements and is also the primary purpose of assessment. Understanding how learners progress is critical to learning and teaching and should inform curriculum design, classroom planning and assessment.”

We have also written a blog post that goes into our thinking in more detail here.

Until now, the principles of progression have not been included on Taith360. However. we have recently added the ability to assign key Principles of Progression to your plans on Taith360. When building your plans, as you select each Area you require, simply click + Principles of Progression and you will be able to select the appropriate principles linked to that Area.

From there, if you wish, you can also add a note to support its inclusion in your plan and describe how you intend to apply it to your teaching:

Once saved, any selected Principles of Progression and accompanying notes will be visible alongside chosen Areas, Statements of What Matters and Descriptions of Learning in the Plan Summary:

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of schools and teachers, ensuring that this steers how the system is developed for the future. We regularly release new features such as this alongside updates to tweak things here and there.

It is through this constant seeking of feedback from schools and teachers that we are able to further enhance the tool – we genuinely welcome every opportunity we have, to speak to people about the system.

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