Welsh Government recently announced that ‘The 2021 to 2022 academic year will have been the final year requiring the statutory Foundation Phase baseline assessment.’ (https://hwb.gov.wales/curriculum-for-wales/assessment-arrangements/supporting-transition-from-the-current-arrangements-to-curriculum-for-wales/#school-assessment-arrangements-for-summer-term,-2022)

However, they also spell out the following expectations for on-entry assessment:

‘To support this, under the new arrangements, schools and settings must:

  • make and implement assessment arrangements which help build a picture of the learner’s abilities and aptitudes in respect of the school’s or setting’s curriculum
  • implement the assessments for newly-registered learners at a school or setting (except for Year 6 learners transitioning to Year 7), recognising that children and learners enter schools and settings at different points across the 3 to16 continuum
  • undertake the assessments within 6 weeks of a learner entering a school or setting to support understanding from the very beginning of a learner’s journey
  • use the outcomes of the assessments to plan next steps and tailor learning and teaching to enable progress.’

To that end, we have added functionality to Taith360 to enable you to record an on-entry assessment for pupils in any year group, at any point throughout the academic year. To do this, select the previous academic year on Assess and then record assessments as normal. Once complete, simply switch back to the current academic year and continue with recording ongoing assessments.

You will find more information about this on our Help & Advice site if you click here.

Dan O’Dell
​Support Team, Assessment360

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