Thank you to all schools who are doing an amazing job under extreme pressure. We appreciate that there is still plenty of work to be done after schools shut today and rest assured that we will be here as normal to offer support in any way we can. Now might be the time to investigate what more Incerts can do for you, and we are offering free remote training to any of our users who would like it.

We understand the importance of keeping our systems operational during this time and they will be kept protected and maintained as usual so you will be able to continue to use Incerts for assessment, analysis and report creation. Our Support Team are always on hand to help you with any challenges you face regarding remote working and electronic sharing especially.

We haven’t forgotten about the new curriculum and will continue to work on developing a system which will support this ready for 2022. We will be getting creative with coordinating with our focus groups to ensure we are meeting the needs of everyone.

We will aim to keep schools updated on the latest issues so please continue to check our blog and twitter feeds. We will also be in contact shortly in the normal way regarding report writing but please get in touch if you would prefer to get them generated before then.

Stay safe and well, and keep in touch.

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Assessment at the heart of learning

At Assessment360, we value the importance of reducing teachers non-teaching workload and are committed to providing our schools with the tools and support to do that. Through collaboration with schools and Local Authorities in the UK, we have a history of designing ground breaking systems that offer a complete planning, tracking and reporting tool, enabling you to track a child’s learning across the full curriculum.

To discuss setting up Taith360 or Turas360 for your school, please contact us on 0330 8281 360 or send an email to

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