Cabinet Secretary for Education, Lynne Neagle, has announced a series of measures designed to further support teachers and schools in the implementation of the Curriculum for Wales. Following visits to educational settings and direct discussions with teachers, the government has recognised the need for streamlined, accessible support to aid in curriculum planning, delivery, and consistency across Wales.

The importance of this initiative has been emphasised in the announcement, stating that while significant progress has been made, the additional support is crucial for ensuring successful and consistent implementation across all schools. Ms Neagle highlighted that the new support measures are designed to address the specific concerns raised by the teaching workforce, aiming to provide a solid foundation for all schools while allowing for creative and innovative teaching methods.

Our recent survey of schools confirmed the needs identified earlier: clearer guidelines, better professional development, and stronger support for introducing the new curriculum. Please keep an eye out on our blog posts for more information regarding our latest survey and its findings.


This announcement is particularly encouraging and demonstrates that the voices of education professionals across the country have been heard and recognised, and we look forward to seeing how this develops in the coming months. We hope that, by simplifying processes, providing clear expectations, and fostering a collaborative environment, the government will be able to ensure that all learners in Wales reach their full potential.

We have been closely following the rollout of the new curriculum since its inception and have been working with schools to assist them in implementing the changes. We look forward to continuing this work as further guidelines are developed and made available, and exploring what this might mean for evidencing assessment. With clear guidance, we hope that Taith360 will continue to be the best system possible for planning and tracking the Curriculum for Wales.

For more information, you can read the full announcement here.

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