There are many words that we would now wish to hear less often in this country, and indeed the world. From the irritating tautology of ‘global pandemic’ to the dread of ‘self-isolation’ – and let’s not even get started on ‘tiers’ or ‘alerts’.

So I’ll start by apologising for offering up another roadmap. Much like the plans laid out by the government, it’s neither a road, nor a map, but it does bear such a close relationship with other such representations that the name seemed appropriate.

The first being the Journey to 2022 – a road that the Assessment Foundation have been travelling since before it was even published for schools. It’s hard to believe that it has been six years since we attended meetings for the development of the Foundation Phase Profile, and were asked to pause some areas of work to take into account the release of the Successful Futures report in January 2015. The second being of course, the side-by-side paths laid out for the easing of lockdown on either side of the border.

We’d like to add to this by sharing ours with you today, because we know that the relationship between these two roadmaps comes with a heavy burden placed on schools. It’s not only education children have lost, but wellbeing also. It’s not only teaching time that teachers have lost, but the opportunity to prepare for the new curriculum in 2022.

Which is why we have focused our efforts on two things only; supporting recovery and supporting the path to the future.


Sources: Welsh Government / The Assessment Foundation


We’ve developed online training modules targeted at understanding your assessment data in the best way to identify where and how children can be supported in catching up their learning. You can find out more and book a session for your school here.
We’re also able to provide bespoke remote inset training if you’d like something custom to your school – please just let us know.
“Please can I ask you to pass on my best wishes and thanks to the team. You have all been absolutely brilliant once again this year. You make things a lot easier for me, thank you.”


​Much like assessment data, the move from year six to year seven is much more than just a number. Children moving from primary to secondary this year face a greater challenge still – much like those who made the transition last year had their schooling disrupted in their crucial final term.
​This year, the Assessment Foundation are providing specialised support to secondary schools with transition data for the first time, helping secondary schools look at primary assessment data in depth, to understand what skills primary children bring with them.

For more information, please contact


​The Implementation Plan for Curriculum 2022 sets out the support and direction provided for the 2021-22 academic year, and in case you missed it, last month we announced Taith360. Whilst it’s up to schools to set their own localised curriculum and assessment arrangements, Taith360 and our support team will be ready in September 2021 to help you with that.
Taith360 – our new assessment system for Curriculum 2022 – is structured around the Areas of Learning. We’re working with Welsh curriculum experts to produce an exemplar framework for each Area – but better still, you can create your own custom framework to use in the system.
“We want to make sure we have the right assessment and planning system in place and from what I can see so far on your blog, Taith360 seems to be the complete package.”

With Taith360 available from September 2021, we’ll be ready to support your school in developing your own custom assessment for September 2022. You can start from our sample framework – or completely from scratch. Taith360 puts flexibility, customisation – and most importantly, the pupil first.

We’re here to help

There’s no sugar-coating the difficulties faced by schools. An already overburdened profession is being looked on to pick up the pieces of months of lost schooling, and with the same exhausted staff, take up the task of delivering a new curriculum too.

The Assessment Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a guiding mission statement: we want to reduce the non-teaching workload of teachers, and improve attainment for children. It’s the most overused phrase of them all – but now, more than ever we want to help schools in any way we can.

Lucy Ridley
COO, The Assessment Foundation


Asesu wrth galon y dysgu

Yn Assessment360, rydym yn gwerthfawrogi pwysigrwydd lleihau llwyth gwaith athrawon nad ydynt yn addysgu ac rydym wedi ymrwymo i ddarparu’r offer a’r gefnogaeth i’n hysgolion i wneud hynny. Trwy gydweithio ag ysgolion ac Awdurdodau Lleol yn y DU, mae gennym hanes o ddylunio systemau arloesol sy’n cynnig offeryn cynllunio, olrhain ac adrodd cyflawn, sy’n eich galluogi i olrhain dysgu plentyn ar draws y cwricwlwm llawn.

I drafod sefydlu Taith360 neu Taith360 ar gyfer eich ysgol, cysylltwch â ni ar 0330 8281 360 neu anfonwch e-bost at

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